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Do You Really Understand Sexual Harassment?
Take the Quiz and Find Out

How's your knowledge of sexual harassment? Take this quiz and find out.


1. Only physical acts by one employee against another are considered sexual harassment.

2. Failing to hire or promote someone because he/she will not date you is sexual harassment.

3. A victim or target of sexual harassment can go after the alleged harasser's personal assets as well as those of the agency/organization in question.

4. Dirty jokes, language and actions of a sexual nature, and asking a coworker repeatedly (after they said no) out for a date may be construed as sexual harassment.

5. A company with a sexual harassment prevention policy is protected from accusations and complaints of sexual harassment in the workplace.

6. Sexual harassment laws protect only women in the workplace.

7. The agency/organization does not have to worry about sexual harassment when it comes to the actions of a sexual nature by non-employees.

8. Requests for sexual favors constitute most sexual harassment incidents.

9. Most people don't truly understand sexual harassment federal laws and the impact they have on agencies/organizations in the United States.

10. Sexual harassment is inevitable regardless of what employers or their employees do to avoid it.

11. If I just ignore unwanted sexual attention, it will usually stop.

12. If I do not mean to sexually harass another employee, they should not perceive my actions as sexual harassment.

13. Some employees do not complain about unwanted sexual attention from a co-worker because they do not want to get that person in trouble.

14. If I make sexual comments to someone and he or she does not ask me to stop then I should assume that my behavior is probably acceptable.

15. A sexual harasser may be told by a court to pay part of a judgment to the employee that he or she harassed.

16. A sexually harassed man does not have the exact same legal rights as a woman who is sexually harassed.

17. About 90% of all sexual harassment in today's workplace is done by males to females.

18. Sexually suggestive pictures or objects in a workplace should not create a liability unless someone complains.

19. Telling someone to stop his or her unwanted sexual behavior usually doesn't do any good.

20. If there is a problem with sexual harassment in my department, I would probably hear about it.

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