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In business for over seven years, The Diversity Training Group continues to act as innovator and leader in organizational improvement. DTG features lively, interactive and results-driven workshops; comprehensive solutions; and realistic, proven methods for organizational change.

Our Approach
Form a partnership with clients to work in unison with key staff and company leadership

Diagnose with a needs analysis, to better understand client-specific issues

Design a customized program initiative based on needs analysis data

Develop materials including a customized workbook with the client's mission, vision, values, and policies

Implement the training

Train to assist clients in becoming self-sufficient

Evaluate overall effectiveness of the program, then implement methods to continue the learning process.

Meet Our Staff

Mauricio Velásquez
President of The Diversity Training Group (DTG)

Kristine L. Snyder, M.S.W.
Vice President, Organizational Development

Willard W. Eng
Vice President

Illysa Beth Izenberg, M.B.A.
A diversity educator and strategist

Kelly N. Burrello, MSc.
Senior Associate








"Over 7 years as a results- driven innovator of diversity solutions for the workplace."

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